Political Profile

V.Narayanan joins congress(I)

The youngest Vice President of fifth largest public utility in US called LONE STAR GAS had decided to come home and serve the country. He was featured on the cover page of most popular political weekly called Junior Vikatan.

He was introduced to Tamil Nadu as “America” Narayanan by the Tamil magazine ‘Junior Vikatan’ in a cover page article, since then he is commonly called as “America” Narayanan by auto drivers, Slum dwellers and others in Tamil Nadu. However, he wants to be a humble public servant; hence, uses his name as Americai (means ‘humble’ in Tamil) V. Narayanan.

Having lived in USA for 13 years and having built himself up to the top ranks of an American Company, Narayanan, now living in Thiruvanmiyur has decided to enter Tamil Nadu politics. He met Karunanidhi, Panruti Ramachandran, P.Chidambaram and G. K. Moopanar.


We could see some of the persons who do things differently. Like wise we have Secretary of Congress Head Quarters who would like to do the usual things in unusual manner.He likes the quote

Here is a sample of his unusual doings of usual.
He gives his cell phone number as ” (98400 India 46342) “.

He has kept his house name as INDIA
But this person has got America in his name(yes, he proved again he does usual things unusually ).

“I don’t do different things
but……do things differently”

Narayanan was the youngest Executive Officer (Treasurer) at the LONE STAR GAS Company before he decided to leave the prestigious post in favour of pursuing a chance to serve our people in Tamil Nadu.

– The Dallas Morning News August 22, 1988

Mr.Moopanar welcomed Mr. Narayanan to the party by saying, ” Mr. Narayanan has come to serve the nation through our great party. We are confident that his services would be invaluable to us and the country”.

South Madras News October 31, 1988

Kumudham, July 7,1988

Mr. V. Narayanan spoke about “RWH System to harness rain water .”
In tune with the socially-conscious civic agenda for Chennai, the TMC has decided to install a mechanism to harness rainwater at its headquarters, Satyamurthi Bhavan.

THE HINDU August 5,2000

“Policy on use of ethanol as fuel urged .”
Mr. V. Narayanan , President of INODA, who participated in a meeting here on Friday urged the Centre and the State Government to “adopt and announce” a policy on the use of ethanol as automobile fuel.

THE HINDU, December 2, 2001

“Reaching out for the needy.”
An evaluation of the recently announced scholarships is a case in point. Most scholarships offered are fee waivers and not 100 percent scholarship” says TMC’s science and technology wing Chairman S.Narayanan.

The DQweek, November 17, 1997

“Insurance cover raised for auto rickshaw drivers and rickshaw-pullers.”
The insurance cover provided for individuals among weaker and vulnerable sections under a Central Government social security scheme run by the LIC of India, has been increased from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000 in case of accidental death. These decisions had been conveyed to Mr. V. Narayanan , Vice President, South Madras District Congress(I) who had written to the Prime Minister, seeking the increase in the insurance cover.

THE HINDU, November 6

“TMC all set to plug into Internet.”
We are working on creating an Internet site for the party , with basic information to start with, and keep expanding it over a period,” says TMC’s science and technology wing Chairman S.Narayanan.

THE OBSERVER, December 25, 1997

“Electronic Voting Machine, a solution to avoid forgery in election .” urged by Mr. V. Narayanan
At a meeting conducted by Science and Technology Cell of TMC, Mr. V. Narayanan urged the need to bring Electronic Voting machine during election. He also said that this machine could help a lot in reducing the vote counting time and to control the forgery in voting.

Dinakaran, Feb 2, 1999

“Ask for lift if you see TMC flag. ”
Science and Technology Cell of TMC has decided to help public during the bus strike. They have announced that the citizens can ask for a lift from the vehicles that bare the TMC flag. Another initiative of V.Narayanan.

Dinamalar, Nov 15, 2001

“For the first time in Tamil Nadu, a web site for agricultural products following the success of online blood bank. ”
Seeing the good response for online Blood Bank, TMC has taken its next step to bring agriculture to the internet. As the result TMC is going to launch a web site for Agri products market.

The DQ Week

Narayanan takes computer to the city slums and villages and narrows the “Digital Divide”

The Hindu, Feburary 20, 2001

Narayanan provides help for more than 5000 people during the Golden Hour through Online Blood Bank in a political party website.

Dhinamani, January 24, 1999

Leadership positions held by Mr. V. Narayanan

  • PRESIDENT, ICM Computers Pvt., Ltd
  • SECRETARY, Head Quarters for the year 2002.
  • CHAIRMAN, Science and Technology Cell, TMC for the period 1996-2001
  • STATE VICE PRESIDENT, Youth Congress for the year 1991
  • MEMBER AND GENERAL SECRETARY, South Madras TNCC for the period 1992-1993
  • CHAIRMAN – Affinity Cards committee-National Federation of Indian – American Association – USA
  • PRESIDENT – Metroplex Tamil sangam – Dallas
  • TREASURER & OFFICER – Lone Star Gas [5th largest utility in US], Dallas, Texas
  • SENATOR, Global-EXNORA International, Chennai, India
  • PRESIDENT – Commerce Circle – D. G. Vaishnav College, Chennai, India