V. Narayanan
India, 6, Kalakshetra Avenue
Phone: 044 6459 2222
Fax : 044 2452 6589
Mobile: 98400 India (46342), 98410 India (46342)


  • B. Com – University of Madras, Chennai, India
  • MBA (Acc. & Fin.) – University Of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, USA
  • CMA (Certified Management Accountant), Institute of Management Accounting, USA
  • CPA (Certified Public Accountant), State Of Texas, USA


  • Honorary Advisor, Ministry ofPanchayati Raj – Government of India.
  • Treasurer & VP Lone Star Gas, Dallas, TX, USA Oil & Gas industry
  • President ICM Group of Companies, Chennai, India Computer Software & Hardware industry
  • Chairman of the Board Allfon Systems (P) Ltd (100% US Subsidiary), Chennai, India, – 100% software export unit
  • Chairman – Easyinsuranceindia.com, Chennai, India


Member – AICC
Panelist – AICC 2014 – 17
Spokesperson – TNCC
HQ Secretary – TNCC – 2001 – 04
Chairman – S & T Cell – 1996 – 2000 TMC
DCC – VP – South Madras – 1992 – 1996
VP – Youth Congress – 1989-91


  • Invited by Twitter to take part in a Panel discussion on #LetMeBreathe, a platform dedicated to climate change.
  • As a social activist, to show that no caste is superior or inferior just because of the caste/religion they are born into or the “sacred thread” they wear, assisting the believers from other caste and religion to wear the “sacred thread” worn by Brahmins for the last 3 years
  • Through INODA, made the government to further promote recycling of plastic milk sachets
  • Created a separate website for www.jobs4differntlyabled.co.in
  • Founder of Netizens for Grass Root Democracy which was inaugurated by former CEC T N Seshan (An Internet based NRI moot club)
  • Honorary President of the All Party Auto unions of Tamil Nadu
  • Elected Vice President of the 100-year-old, 25000 members strong, Automobile Association of South India (AASI)
  • Rajaji Center for Public Affairs, Rotaries, Lions, educational institutions such as          MIT in Tamil Nadu addressing an audience of 150,000 people. Delivered more than 250 speeches across the state.
  • Regular Speaker on TV talk shows – Participated on various issues at over 5000+ talk shows over the past decade
  • Founder member of a grass root level environmental organization, EXNORA. (Exnora, today, touches 250,000 middle class families throughout Tamil Nadu.)
  • Founder of a leading organization, INODA, which works with the auto-drivers. (There are 70,000 autos in Chennai and 200,000 autos in Tamil Nadu.
  • Stayed in 15 different slums with Dalits and other castes for several days. (These slum areas have a combined total population of 150,000 people)
  • President    Metroplex Tamil Sangam, Dallas, TX, USA
  • Chairman    Affinity Card Program, National Federation of Indian-American Associations, USA


Youngest VP & Treasurer of the 5th largest Public Utility (in the 75 years history of the company) in the USA

Contributed several millions of dollars to the bottom line of the corporations I have worked with, through innovative Financial, Human Resource, Marketing & Systems automation ideas

Reduced the Payroll by 32% while increasing the productivity by 45% during 1982- 84 Came up with several innovative ways to help the Public in India through:

  • On line blood bank that reduced waiting during the Golden hour
  • Online Farmers Market to help the farmers
  • Introduction of Ethanol as an alternative Fuel and introducing Flexible Fuel Vehicle in India.
  • Introduced Rain water harvesting first in TN (Sathyamurthy Bhavan) which was subsequently taken up by the government of TN
  • Worked with student community to create future industrialists of India in coordination with Rajiv Gandhi Foundation
  • In 1994, brought a life insurance policy at Rs.25 / per year through LIC/GIC scheme for the Auto Drivers & low income groups with the help of PM of India.
  • First in Chennai to introduce Telephone booths in the Auto Stands which increased the earnings of the drivers by 60% (before mobiles came)
  • Helped the middle class in the voters’ registration by placing the Registration forms with INODA street captains.